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Vox Digital is an award-winning Banff web design agency. We build high-quality websites for companies in Banff, Alberta, Canada. Over the years, our team has developed and crafted our skillset and we possess a deep understanding of everything that goes into a quality website. Our websites focus on ranking high in Google search results and generating leads/sales for your business.

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Web Design

We love creating high-quality websites for businesses in Banff. We use the latest industry standards and practice what we preach.


Vox Digital helps you research your market and competitors so you can focus on running your business.

Personal Experience

Our team provides you with a dedicated 24/7 Banff web design project manager that helps guide you through the design process start to finish.

Importance of Having a Website

A properly built website can help your SEO efforts, effectively ranking your business higher in Google search results. We focus on building websites that generate leads and rank higher.

Every serious business needs a professional looking website. A properly built site can help establish credibility in your industry.

Your website functions as a ‘virtual storefront’ and acts as a central hub for all your online marketing. Having a website provides 24/7 access to your business for potential customers, without you needing to do anything. A website can sell your services/products while you sleep.

Your website is the core of all your marketing efforts i.e. email campaigns, social media, print ads etc. It’s important to have a site that is more than just a ‘brochure’. We recommend having at least 4 pages on your site i.e home page, services/products list, contact page and about us page

Award-Winning Banff Web Design

Our team has a proven track record when it comes to building websites in Banff. We’ve won several awards including Top Canadian Web Designer by 4 years in a row! Our agency is a Google Premier Partner, and all of our team members have been certified by Google.

Frequently Asked Questions

Every project is vastly different. For the average 5-20 page website you can expect it to be built within four to six weeks on average. For larger sites with hundreds of pages, you’re looking at around 10–20 weeks. We wrote an article all about the length of time it takes to build a site with a detailed breakdown, take a look here!

Here’s the breakdown of the average cost of a website in Banff:

  • A small business in Banff can expect to pay between $2,000 - $4,000 CAD
  • Custom-built websites usually cost a minimum of $7,000-$10,000+ CAD
  • Real estate websites begin at $5000 CAD.
  • E-commerce websites usually start at $5000 CAD in Banff
  • Landing Pages / Static Websites start at $1000 CAD

Please keep in mind: There are many factors that come into the mix when designing and developing a website. The number of pages your website has, content creation / copywriting, dynamic functionality, third-party tracking, and integration can all have an impact on the final cost of the project.

Web design and web development are different jobs that can be done by one person or they can be outsourced to a web design/marketing agency.

  • Web Design: Web designers create what’s seen on the screen. The actual design and look of the site. (Frontend of the website)
  • Web Development: Web developers specialize in the functional and “dynamic” aspects of websites. They write code that makes up the backend. They work with programming languages like PHP, React, Javascript, Node, Python, with a heavy emphasis on storing information in databases (MySQL, MongoDB, MariaDB, etc.)

Our team of Banff web design experts specializes in designing and building modern websites for clients of all shapes and sizes. We love and focus our efforts on creating high-quality web projects for all industries. Some include:

  • Tourism
  • Real Estate
  • Medical
  • Legal (Law Firms, Individual Lawyers)
  • Technology
  • Government
  • Internal Website Projects

We build all of our websites with the latest technology web design standards. We follow all industry standards and adhere to our Google certification expectations.

Your business can see a massive improvement in its marketing efforts with a properly built website. We optimize websites for conversions with the main goal of increasing revenue for your Canmore business.

You can expect to see the following benefits with a quality-made website:

  • Higher ranking in Google search results
  • More calls, bookings, inquiries, and quotes
  • Detailed view of analytics, data, and customer demographics
  • Improvement of organic marketing

Yes, absolutely! Our agency helps anyone that’s looking for help with web design in Banff. We work with everyone from small local businesses to corporate-level operations in the Banff area and Southern Alberta. We pride ourselves on being able to scale and adapt to your companies needs and requests at any given time.