The use of shadows has been massive this year in the web design world. Shadows can add depth, and create 3D effects. This is achieved by using subtle shadows or gradient colors. It helps to distinguish between which elements are in the foreground and which are in the background.


Bold Text

It’s 2018 and we’ve seen a huge increase in big bold typography across a ton of websites. It’s one of the website design trends that we believe won’t be going anywhere and we even find ourselves implementing bolder fonts across our client’s projects.

Bold Font Website Design Trends


Minimal Design

Website designers are focusing more and more on minimal design than ever! More has definitely been less in 2018 in terms of website design. Take a look at Stripes beautifully re-designed homepage.


Broken Grid Layouts

Broken Grid Design Layout Website Design Trend


Parallax Scrolling

Yes, yes we know. You’ve seen parallax scrolling a million times. But you can’t deny that when done well, it can create a beautiful atmosphere for a website. Parallax Scrolling Website Design Trend


If you’d like some more web design inspiration, head over to our portfolio or take a look at our website design services.

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