Chase Keating

Chase Keating

Chase Keating helps businesses scale past seven and eight figures using strategic marketing campaigns.

Hi, My name is Chase Keating. I’m a 25-year-old marketing strategist from Canada. I am dedicated to creating unique marketing experiences that produce measurable results. I’m putting an end to garbage marketing agencies that cost their clients more money than they make them. Trust me – I used to work with a lot of them. I believe in a fully transparent business model where the client knows exactly where their money is being spent and what their return is. I have worked with several million-dollar corporations and am confident in the work I do. I work with business owners that are serious about success.

Vox Digital is Founded

You should look at my agency as the marketing department of your company. You’re not just our clients, but we’re also yours in a way. You can look to us to provide a full 360-degree marketing service. I strive to create an awesome atmosphere and environment that fosters creativity in every way at Vox Digital. I love the people I work with, and the people that work for me. I believe that good results come at a price, and I work hard to balance client costs while keeping the quality of our projects a #1 priority.

Awards & Accolades

Over the years I’ve received some awards for the work I’ve done:

🥇 Website of the Day December 2021 – Awwwards
🥇 Top Alberta Web Design Companies 2021 (#18) –
🥇 Top Canadian Marketing Agencies 2020 (Top 100) –
🥇 Best Modern Website Design (First Place) 2019 – Awwwards

The Future

Now that I’ve got myself and Vox Digital established in the marketing industry, I look ahead to future projects while still moving forward with scaling Vox Digital. I have several projects currently underway that will be released over the next year that I’m extremely excited about. These projects vary from small portfolio work to new business operations I’ll be launching. I’m making sure all bases are covered with our investments and ensuring our client’s project longevity.

Get In Touch

If you’re looking for help with your next project click here to fill out our client onboarding form. Also, feel free to reach out to me on any of the following platforms. *For the quickest response, please use the form or call (403) 473-4847


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